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Buildit Camp - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Build-it Camp located?

Build-it Activity Camp rents the facility at Bayside Camp. Two camps will be going on simultaneously. Build-it Campers and Bayside Campers will share the dining hall for meals and tuck (afternoon treats). All other scheduling is separate. Build-it Activity Camp is not a faith-based camp whereas Bayside Camp is.

Where will campers sleep?

Campers will stay in one of two new year-round cabins rented from Bayside Camp. There will be 2 counselors staying in each cabin as well. Cabins have washrooms, including heated showers located in them for the campers’ convenience. There is one cabin for boys and one for girls.

Where can I download a packing list for my child?

View our Packing List for your child here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or important information regarding your child as you are getting ready.

What is the food like at camp?

Always one of the most important parts of camp, we provide quality food and plenty of it! Healthy and delicious home-style meals are prepared daily and usually served cafeteria style. Vegetarian options can be provided, and we seek to meet special needs. While nuts are not used in the kitchen there may be traces of nuts in some food items, and are in some products sold at the Tuck Shop.

What are the staff like at camp?

Our staff are carefully selected for their enthusiastic love for youth and desire to share their summer with campers. They are chosen after a rigorous application process (including a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Register) and participate in pre-summer training to ensure policies and procedures for camper safety are maintained.

What time is check-in on the first day?

Campers can begin checking in at 6pm.

What time should I pick up my camper?

Campers should be picked up at 6pm on the last day of their camp.

Why does Build-it Camp charge H.S.T.?

Due to federal requirements from Canada Revenue Agency we are responsible to charge H.S.T. for camps and retreats.